What to Expect at an Initial Hearing in a Criminal Case

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What to Expect in Your Initial Criminal Hearing

If you have been charged with a crime, you will either be summoned to court by a ticket/citation or sent notice by the court to appear on a certain time and date for your initial hearing. Maybe you have been arrested and held in jail until the initial charges in your case have been filed. At an initial hearing in … Read More

How to Remove Your Name From a Property Where You No Longer Live

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Remove Your Name From a Home You Co-Own

Did you buy a house while living together and now you are no longer together? Are you wondering how to get your name off of a property where you no longer reside? I frequently hear of couples who, while living together, buy a house jointly. I always advise against this; unless the couple stays together or gets married, it always … Read More

Will My Wife Automatically Get Custody of Our Children in a Divorce Case?

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Father Custody in Divorce Case

A client, who I will call Joe, called and asked me if the wife always gets custody of the children in a divorce case. As for most legal questions, the answer is “It depends.” Years ago, there was a “Tender Years” doctrine written mandating young children to be placed in their mother’s care in the event of a divorce. It … Read More