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The best way to minimize the consequences of a drunk-driving arrest is to hire an experienced OWI/DWI defense lawyer who can choose the best way to fight the charge – based on your circumstances and the most up-to-date law on disproving drunk driving allegations.

DWI & OWI defenses involve a lot of scientific inquiries. It may be possible to beat a charge of drunk driving if any of the following are true:

The machine used to measure your blood alcohol level was not in proper working condition
The police officer who administered the breath test or blood test was not properly trained
The breath or blood test (also called a BAC) was not administered according to proper procedure
The field sobriety test was not performed under ideal conditions (for example, if it was raining, snowing, very cold, very hot or dark)

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Do not be overwhelmed thinking about the potential negative consequences of a conviction for drunk driving. There are many ways in which a qualified DWI OWI defense lawyer can help you minimize the impact of a drunk driving arrest.

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