Fathers' RightsFathers’ Rights

Did you know that if your child’s mother interferes with your visitation rights – she may be committing a crime?

Indiana has a new state law that makes it a crime for a parent to unreasonably interfere with the visitation rights of the other parent. Contact an experienced attorney immediately if you are having visitation disputes or custody disputes with your child’s mother.

Although family law no longer favors mothers outright when resolving disputes over children, the truth of the matter is that fathers must sometimes fight harder than mothers in order to get or keep their parental rights.

Does your child’s mother threaten every week to keep you from seeing your child?
Does she refuse to let you see the kids if you are late paying child support or alimony?
Do you think you would be a better custodial parent but don’t think you can ever get custody over their mother?

If your child’s mother is interfering in any way with your right to spend time with your child – or if you believe your children would be healthier and happier living with you rather than with their mother – you have more legal power than you may think.

Although it may be true that dads have to fight harder than moms to protect their parental rights during custody disputes – the fight can be won.

My New Albany law firm pursues these cases aggressively. After we first make sure that the mother doesn’t have a good reason for preventing you from spending time with your children, we can file a motion to hold her in contempt of court for defying the court’s order. We can ask for an expedited hearing, which will move your case in front of others that the judge must hear. If the children’s mother is held in contempt of court, she may be ordered to pay fines or give you “make-up” parenting time to compensate you for visits that you missed with your children.

If you are trying to win a custody dispute, I will work with you to gather evidence to document our position that you are in a better position to give your children a safe, healthy and stable environment to grow up in.

If you have general questions about your rights as a father – or if you have an immediate worry because your ex-wife is denying your visitation rights, please contact our law office.

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