Divorce involves more personal and economic distress than most people realize. Children are vulnerable to emotional injury; the income that supported one household now has to support two homes; and divorced adults need to build new lives. The issues a family law attorney helps people with are critically important.

As soon as you think you may need a divorce, you should speak with a lawyer, get information about your options, and make an informed decision about how to proceed. Contact my New Albany family law office to make arrangements for a free consultation.

Are you considering divorce?

Divorce will not only change your personal relationship with your spouse, it will affect your life in financial, social, and emotional ways you may not expect. As an Indiana divorce lawyer, I suggest you begin by working out a realistic post-divorce budget that gives a clear picture of what your economic situation will be. Then, seek counseling to help you weather the emotional roller-coaster ahead, and begin to develop a new social support system. I will be your strong advocate in negotiations or at trial, helping you to protect your children and your economic situation.

Do you know what custody and parenting arrangements will be best for your children?

Child custody, lawyers will explain, is no longer automatically awarded to the mother. A mother’s rights and a father’s rights are not the primary consideration – Indiana child custody law makes it clear that a child has a right to, and benefits most from, an arrangement that allows the child to maintain a strong relationship with both parents. I will help you find a trans-parenting seminar that will help you look at divorce through your child’s eyes.

A family law attorney helps clients with more than divorce and child custody agreements. I am prepared to assist married couples, engaged couples, single parents, and extended family members with a wide range of issues, including those listed below:


Divorce Mediation


Visitation Rights

Modification of Court Orders

Child Support Guidelines


Division of Marital Property

Division of Debt

Prenuptial Agreements

Grandparents’ Visitation & Adoption

Protection Orders Against Domestic Violence

My New Albany family law firm also serves clients in communities such as Jeffersonville, Clarksville, Corydon, Salem, Scottsburg, and Madison, and throughout Floyd County and Harrison, Clark, Crawford, Perry, and Jefferson counties. If you need a divorce lawyer or family law attorney, please contact us to make arrangements to discuss your situation.

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