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I speak from my experience as a prosecutor for Perry County and Harrison County. A prosecutor can and will use anything you say against you at trial. Contact my New Albany law office if you would like to schedule a free consultation with a criminal defense attorney. I will explain what your rights are and how to protect yourself from inadvertently damaging your case.

At the New Albany law office of George Streib, Jr., I advise every person who is involved in a criminal investigation to seek the advice of a well-qualified criminal law attorney before answering questions or making any statement for law enforcement officials or prosecutors.

What can a criminal defense lawyer accomplish on your behalf? If you retain me to defend you, I will aggressively defend your rights. I will examine the prosecution’s case and ask questions such as:

Were your rights violated?
Was proper police procedure followed?
Was any evidence against you collected through illegal search and seizure?
Were you held too long after being charged?
Do some of the statements against you simply not add up?

Through plea negotiations or a vigorous trial defense and appeal, I will fight to get the best possible outcome on your behalf. I am prepared to defend clients against a wide range of criminal charges, including the following:






Domestic Violence


Violent Crimes

Conspiracy, Accomplice, Aiding & Abetting

Prison Escape

My New Albany criminal defense law firm serves clients in communities throughout Floyd County and Harrison, Clark, Crawford, Perry and Jefferson counties. If you need a skilled criminal defense attorney, contact us to make arrangements to discuss your situation in a free consultation.

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