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Many parents facing divorce or legal separation have thought long and hard about the ramifications on their children. Just as you may have decided that the fighting during your relationship was unfair to you and your children, an overly contentious breakup and legal dispute can also be extremely traumatic for your children. That is why, at the law office of George Streib, Jr., I focus my efforts on achieving a favorable outcome through amicable means, wherever possible. By working together in a respectful, cooperative manner, you can promote a healthier post-separation relationship that will be essential in co-parenting your children.

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Serving You and the Best Interests of Your Children

Indiana child custody laws focus exclusively on preserving the best interests of the children. Most children benefit from a child custody arrangement that allows them to maintain a strong relationship with both parents. Therefore, unless there are concerns involving abuse or neglect, it is usually in the best interests of the children to arrange a child custody and visitation agreement that allocates parenting time to each parent.

Physical custody

Physical custody refers to the residence of the child. Although parents can share joint physical custody, one parent will usually be designated as having primary physical custody and the other parent will be allotted visitation time (parenting time).

Legal custody

Legal custody refers to a parent’s authority and responsibility to make important decisions regarding the upbringing of the children, such as decisions affecting the child’s health care, education, religion and other issues. Day-to-day decisions are usually handled by the parent with primary physical custody.

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